Apartment 140 m2, Warsaw

In a unique 140 m² apartment, we have created a perfect space for a family of three. Our high-quality renovation and finishing services have transformed this apartment into an oasis of comfort, functionality and beauty.

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Now, let's delve into the implementation details

Realizacja 1 - Szaro-biała łazienka z elementami drewna naturalnego

Space optimization and safety

When designing three small bathrooms, we focused on optimizing space. Thanks to precise solutions and attention to every detail, we managed to create functional and aesthetic bathrooms that perfectly meet the needs of the entire family.

The renovation work was comprehensive and covered every aspect of the apartment. Installation of suspended ceiling systems and ceiling reinforcements ensured safety and durability of the structure. The removal of partition walls and the old 19th-century wooden flooring provided the opportunity to transform the space according to our clients’ needs.

Attention to aesthetics

Our work is not only about technical aspects but also about aesthetics and unique details. The use of suspended ceilings with recessed LED lighting and decorative plaster finishes gave the interiors a modern character. Installation of curtain rods, lamps, and furniture completed the harmonious decor.

Moving into this apartment, the new family doesn’t have to worry about any renovation flaws or imperfections. Our experience and passion have resulted in a lasting, aesthetic, and functional interior that is ready for new family stories.

Realizacja 1 - Salon z aneksem kuchennym

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