Apartment 45 m2, Warsaw

In the heart of a 1954 climatic tenement house with an area of 45 m², we have created a unique apartment with refined style and impeccable taste. This extraordinary place underwent a transformation as it resulted from a comprehensive renovation after a tragic fire. Everything that was previously there has been renewed and given new life, including painting, wallpapering, and interior finishing.

plac architektury Starego Miasta w Warszawie

Now, let's delve into the implementation details

Portfolio - Realizacja 3 - Niebieskoszara łazienka z lustrem, kamienną umywalka i złotym kranem

Comprehensive renovation

I have a deep appreciation for the beauty and soul of old buildings. A comprehensive renovation is the key to recreating the past and giving it a modern character. Starting with the dismantling and installation of electrical and plumbing systems, we revived the tenement house to its former glory. By stripping walls and carrying out structural work, we ensured stability and unique ceiling reinforcements.

The interior of this apartment is filled with unique elements that reflect our attention to detail. The old wooden floor from the 19th century has been protected and restored, preserving its unique charm. Suspended ceilings with recessed LED lighting create an atmosphere of intimacy and elegance. Modern tiles in the bathroom and corridor, carefully selected wallpapers, and wall and ceiling decorations give it a distinctive character.

Taste meets history

We place great importance on every stage of work to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. By installing furniture, curtain rods, and lamps, we created a harmonious and functional interior. By dismantling and installing ventilation in an old building, we put the finishing touch on creating a charming space.

In this 45-square-meter space full of new possibilities and history, we have created a space for a single person that combines unique style, luxurious finishes, and attention to detail to create a special harmony. This is a place where refined taste meets history, creating a unique space that exudes not only aesthetics but also soul.

Portfolio - Realizacja 3 - Detale podłogi w łazience - połączeni podłogi drewnianej i kafelków

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