Apartment 68 m2, Cracow

Our team entered this beautiful apartment, aiming to create a space that not only meets expectations but also expresses the creativity and individuality of the owner. Together with our client, we set out to create an interior that would become a unique place, fully reflecting the character and passions of the owner.

widok na wschód słońca - Zamek Królewski na Wawelu w Krakowie

Now, let's delve into the implementation details

Portfolio - Realizacja 5 - Pokój z biurkiem i brązowym krzesłem oraz zegarem na ścianie

The needs of an artistic soul

We began by planning the layout of the rooms and creating a space tailored to the needs of the artistic soul residing here. For our experts, the key was to blend aesthetics, functionality, and a distinctive character.

A particularly important element was the installation of old wooden floors, adding unparalleled charm and warmth to the interior. Every plank, every detail of the wood was carefully chosen and placed to create a harmonious whole.

Attention to individuality

Not only the floor was a crucial element. We worked on every detail, such as plastering, smooth finishes, and wall decorations, to create an atmosphere that matched our client’s refined style. Each step was taken with a focus on individuality and expectations to provide a unique space that reflects her passions and lifestyle.

During the work, we collaborated with our client, discussing various solutions and proposals to meet her requirements. It was an inspiring journey for us, which we undertook together to create an interior that is not only beautiful but also practical and fulfills all the needs of the artistic soul.

The result of our work is a unique 68 m² apartment that perfectly reflects the refined taste and passions of our demanding client. The old wooden floors, meticulously chosen details, and attention to individuality create a space where every corner is full of inspiration and unique character.

Portfolio - Realizacja 5 - Łazienka z okrągłym lustrem i półkolistym dużym lustrem, czarną szafką pod umywalką i kabina prysznicową

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