Kitchen 15 m2, Kiev, Ukraine

Here is our latest achievement - a custom kitchen project that took place in Kiev. It's a perfect example of how custom kitchen furniture can adapt to your needs and lifestyle.

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Now, let's delve into the implementation details



We started with precise measurements to perfectly fit the furniture into the available space. Custom-made furniture ensures every centimeter is utilized efficiently.



Next, we created a design that met the client’s expectations. Our variety of styles, colors, and materials allowed the client to choose exactly what suits their taste.


Facades and colors

Our offering includes a variety of facades and colors, allowing the client to customize the kitchen’s appearance to their preferences.


Built-In appliances in lower and upper cabinets

Our team of carpenters paid attention to every detail. Lower and upper cabinets were equipped with modern built-in appliances, enhancing the kitchen’s usability.


Faucet and sink

The faucet and sink are also elements we focus on. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and functionality.

Our work doesn't end with custom furniture creation

Our installation team professionally installed all the components, allowing the client to immediately enjoy their modern kitchen.

If you dream of a kitchen tailored to your needs, contact us. We are a Warsaw-based carpentry service specializing in custom-made furniture. With our passion and experience, your dreams of the perfect kitchen will become a reality. We create kitchens that not only facilitate meal preparation but also become the heart of your home.

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