10 popular apartment renovation trends in 2023

Discover the latest renovation trends for 2023! Explore inspiring design solutions and choose the best ideas for your home. Read our blog post and transform your interior!

Welcome to the year 2023, a time full of inspiring innovations in the world of home renovations!

If you’re planning to refresh your interior, it’s worth staying up-to-date with the hottest trends. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of ten popular renovation trends that will dominate this year for you. Are you ready to discover new ideas and fresh inspiration? Let’s dive in!

Tworzenie przytulnej i nowoczesnej przestrzeni w jadalni

1. Minimalism with expression

This year, minimalism is evolving. Add some unique accents to your interior that will give it character and expressiveness. It could be designer lighting, original accessories, or unconventional fabrics.

Nowoczesna kompozycja wnętrza salonu

2. Colors of nature

Bring the harmony of nature into your home by choosing pastel shades of green, beige, and soft shades of blue. These calming colors will create a relaxing atmosphere in your interior.

Mur z cegły z kanapą

3. Brick and concrete

The rawness of brick and concrete is still on-trend. Exposed brick or concrete walls add a raw charm and an industrial character to the interior.

Nowoczesne miejsca pracy biznesowej z laptopem

4. Home offices

The rise in remote work’s popularity has led more people to opt for functional home offices. Create a comfortable and efficient workspace that harmonizes with the rest of your living space.

Salon z rośliną wiszącą nad stołem

5. Eco-materials

In concern for the natural environment, more and more people are choosing eco-friendly materials for renovations. Choose sustainably sourced wood, natural fabrics, and ecological paints to create an environmentally friendly interior.

Sypialnia łóżko z szufladami

6. Multifunctional furniture

Practicality is becoming a priority. Choose multifunctional furniture that will save space and provide additional features, such as storage containers or fold-out beds.

Pokój w stylu retro z odtwarzaczem płyt winylowych i skórzana sofa

7. Vintage with a modern twist

Combine vintage style with modern accents. Create a unique interior by blending carefully selected furniture and accessories with contemporary elements.

Kobieta włącza światło za pomocą tabletu

8. Technology in the service of comfort

Modern technological solutions don’t have to compromise aesthetics. Integrate smart home systems that enhance the comfort and convenience of your living space.

Klasyczny projekt białej kuchni

9. The kitchen as the heart of the home

The kitchen has long played an important role in home life, but now it’s becoming even more central. Design spacious and functional kitchens that encourage cooking and spending time together.

Prosty styl życia - przytulny salon z sofą z palety mebli

10. Individuality and personality

The last but not least trend is expressing yourself through interior design. Add elements to your home that reflect your personality and create a cozy space where you truly feel at home.


Familiarizing yourself with these ten popular home renovation trends in 2023 will enable you to approach the design of your interior with awareness. Remember, in the end, you are the most important designer of your home!

If you’re looking for professional assistance with your renovation project, please get in touch with us. Our company, 123remonty, located in Warsaw and the surrounding areas, has years of experience in the renovation industry. We are ready to help you create your dream interior!

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