Painting, wallpapering and wall and ceiling smoothing

Professional painting, wallpapering and wall and ceiling smoothing

We offer comprehensive services in painting, wallpapering, and performing wall and ceiling smoothing.

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Our company has extensive experience in achieving aesthetic and durable finishes that will give your interiors a new look and atmosphere.


Our team consists of qualified and creative painters and wallpaper hangers who have the knowledge and skills to meet even the most demanding projects.

High quality

We only use high-quality paints, varnishes, wallpapers, and finishing materials to ensure long-lasting and impressive results.

Our painting and upholstery services include:

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Wall and ceiling painting

We provide precise and even painting of walls and ceilings in various types of spaces. Whether it’s a small apartment, a spacious house, or an exclusive villa, our team will ensure that the surfaces are perfectly painted with the highest quality finish.

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We offer a wide selection of wallpapers that can be tailored to individual styles and preferences. Our wallpapering services include both wallpapering entire walls and applying decorative wallpapers in selected areas to give interiors character and uniqueness. We guarantee careful surface preparation and flawless wallpaper application to achieve a beautiful and durable result.

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Plaster smoothing

We specialize in creating smooth plaster finishes that result in perfectly smooth walls and ceilings. Our team excels at repairing and smoothing out imperfections, providing a perfectly prepared surface for further finishing work. Plaster smoothing gives rooms an elegant appearance and serves as an excellent base for painting or wallpaper application.

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Decorative painting effects

If you’re looking for something unique, we also offer decorative painting effects such as noble painting techniques, stencils, structural effects, or ombre effects. These techniques allow you to create unique and artistic interiors that will capture attention and create a distinctive atmosphere.

Our team of experienced specialists will help you bring your dreams of a beautiful and functional interior to life

Quality, passion and dedication

When choosing our painting, wallpapering, and plastering services, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality workmanship, aesthetics, and durability. We are dedicated to every project, paying attention to details and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and start transforming your walls and ceilings into beautiful, stylish spaces.

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