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Professional renovation company in Warsaw and the surrounding areas

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Our team

We understand that every renovation requires a specialized approach, which is why we proudly introduce our experts in the field of plumbing, tiling, and painting, who are capable of meeting even the most demanding tasks in a short period of time.

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He loves details and smooth interiors. He has the perfect hand for symmetrical work, where precision and accuracy matter.

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He’s a wall artist who also expertly applies plaster, creating perfect surfaces where colors come to life.

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A true tile wizard, he creates mosaics that not only decorate the space but also give each interior a unique character.

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Our bathroom master is a true creator of relaxation oases. He designs bathrooms where functionality and luxury go hand in hand, creating spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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A specialist in furniture and kitchen design, a true space creator. He crafts unique solutions that not only fit perfectly into the interior but also emphasize its character, providing both aesthetics and functionality.

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Our supply and procurement expert is a logistics magician. Always in the right place and time, he provides equipment and materials that form a solid foundation for a successful renovation, eliminating any delays and inconveniences.

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Our roofing demolition and renovation expert is a true wizard when it comes to tiles and shingles. With passion and precision, he takes care of your roof, ensuring its solidity, durability, and beauty that will withstand any weather.

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Our electrical master is a true wizard of cables and sockets. He provides safe and efficient electrical solutions, paying attention to every detail to make your home shine not only with light but also with excellent functionality.

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Igor i Swieta

The floor laying masters in our team are artists with boards and panels, creating not only exceptional floors but also an atmosphere of comfort and elegance in your interior. Their skills transform ordinary floors into true works of art.

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Scope of operation

Our scope of operation covers the entire European territory, where our finishing teams work on projects in Germany, Spain, and Poland. Whether we are renovating apartments for rent, revitalizing older properties, or creating entirely new interiors, we always use the highest quality materials and tailor our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We collaborate extensively with:

Our specialists have a deep understanding of interior designers’ requirements as well as our clients’. They are more than willing to provide professional advice in selecting practical and aesthetic solutions. Furthermore, to provide our clients with additional peace of mind, the company holds a multi-million-dollar insurance policy to safeguard their interests in any situation.

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Design studios

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Real estate agencies

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Interior architects

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Community and cooperative managers

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Private individuals - investors

Customer Reviews

We work with carefully chosen high-quality materials, comprehensively addressing the requirements of both interior designers and individual clients. We consistently offer guidance on practical and aesthetic choices. Furthermore, our company is safeguarded by an insurance policy to address any potential misunderstandings.

They always provide advice on practical and aesthetic solution choices. Additionally, our company is protected by an insurance policy worth several million in case of any potential misunderstandings.

Trust us, and as a result, you will not only receive beautiful and functional interiors but also complete satisfaction with our professional service. We are ready to make your renovation an extraordinary experience that exceeds all expectations.

Let's renovate together!

We will be happy to answer your questions and help you fulfill your dreams of a perfect interior.

You can call us or fill out the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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