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Take bold steps into the world of transformed spaces, where every detail matters. Our offering is more than just renovation work – it’s unique transformations that will breathe life into your interiors.

Installation of suspended ceilings and ceiling reinforcements

Our team can change the look of spaces through the installation of suspended ceilings and ceiling reinforcements. This is not only a practical solution but also a way to create a unique atmosphere.

Demolition of partition walls and old 19th-century wooden floors

We open up space for new possibilities through precise demolition of partition walls and old floors. This allows you to freely create your arrangements according to your vision.

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Ceiling insulation and soundproofing

Your interiors deserve acoustic comfort. Therefore, we offer ceiling insulation and soundproofing to provide peace and quiet, regardless of what’s happening outside.

Masters of plastering and smoothing

Our team are artists of plaster and smoothing. We create extraordinary surfaces on walls and ceilings that are like works of art. Our creativity knows no bounds, as seen in the final results.

Modernization and functionality with LED lighting

We bring modernity and functionality to your interior with suspended ceilings featuring LED recesses. It’s not just a source of light but also a decorative element that adds character to your space.

Installation of curtain rods, lamps, and furniture

Details matter to us. We install curtain rods, lamps, and furniture that are not only practical but also introduce aesthetics to your interior. It’s our subtle art that makes space harmonious.

Ventilation excellence for better air quality

We care not only about appearance but also about the quality of life. Our work in home ventilation installation will improve air quality in old buildings. It’s an investment in the health and comfort of your family.

With our experience and skills, your dreams of a perfect interior become a reality. Together, we push boundaries, creating spaces that reflect the character and style of your life.

Our projects

Kitchen 15 m2, Kiev, Ukraine

Apartment 55 m2, Warsaw

Apartment 110 m2, Germany

Apartment 68 m2, Cracow

Apartment 150 m2, Warsaw

Apartment 45 m2, Warsaw

Apartment 65 m2, Warsaw

Apartment 140 m2, Warsaw

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