Office and commercial space renovations, attics and general construction services

Professional office and commercial space renovations, attic conversions, and construction-related services

123Renovations is a renowned provider of renovation services, specializing in comprehensive renovations of offices, commercial spaces, attics, and offering construction-related services. Our experienced team of specialists, with passion and dedication, undertakes a variety of renovation projects, ensuring the highest quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Our offer of renovation services includes:

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Office and commercial space renovations

If you’re planning to refresh your office or commercial space, we are ready to meet your expectations. Our team understands the importance of creating a workspace that promotes productivity, efficiency, and comfort. We carry out renovation work, including wall painting, flooring installation, lighting installation, furniture assembly, and space modernization. With our knowledge and experience, we create ergonomic, functional, and aesthetically pleasing offices and commercial spaces that cater to the individual needs of our clients.

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Attic renovations

Unused attic space can become a valuable addition to your home. Our team of specialists will help you transform it into a functional and attractive area. We offer comprehensive renovation services for attics, including thermal insulation, flooring installation, partition wall construction, installation of roof windows, and adjustments to electrical and plumbing installations. Whether you plan to create a bedroom, office, or a children’s room, we will provide you with professional support and tailor solutions to your needs.

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Construction services

During renovations, various construction-related tasks are often necessary. Our team of specialists offers a wide range of services, including demolition, partition wall installation, room adaptation, electrical and plumbing system modernization, as well as other renovation-related work. Thanks to our experience and thorough approach, we provide comprehensive support throughout the renovation process, taking care of every detail.

Our team of experienced specialists will help you bring your dreams of a beautiful and functional interior to life

Professionalism, quality and punctuality

Our company stands out for its professionalism, quality of work, and punctuality. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, which is why we approach each project individually, taking into account your needs and preferences. Our team consists of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the renovation industry. This allows us to guarantee high-quality services and efficient project execution.

Contact us today to discuss your renovation needs and receive a detailed offer. We are ready to take on your renovation project and provide you with unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces that will meet your expectations.

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