Preparing your home for spring: A guide for renovators and energy efficiency improvement

Preparing your home for spring: Discover how to refresh and improve your livingspace. Enjoy spring in an energy-efficient and pleasant home.

Spring is approaching, and with it comes the time to refresh your home and prepare it for the warmer months.

In this guide, we will provide you with tips on how to carry out necessary renovations and improve the energy efficiency of your home so that you can enjoy comfort and savings throughout the entire spring and summer.

Dom z pięknym ogrodem na wiosnę

1. Inspection and cleaning

Inspect the roof and gutters for any damage or blockages. Perform necessary repairs and clear the gutters of leaves and other debris.

Ensure that ventilation openings are free from blockages to allow for proper airflow.

Kobieta otwiera okno

2. Improving energy efficiency

Replace the air filters in the ventilation or air conditioning system to ensure clean and healthy indoor air.

Check if doors and windows are properly sealed to minimize energy loss.

Prace porządkowe w ogrodzie z kwiatami i krzewami

3. Garden and home surroundings

Start tidying up the garden after winter. Trim trees and shrubs, weed flower beds, and prepare the soil for new plantings.

Test and maintain the garden irrigation system to ensure it functions efficiently before the upcoming season.

Pomiar napięcia w gniazdku

4. Electrical system inspection

Inspect the electrical installation, checking the condition of outlets, switches, and lighting. Consult a professional if necessary.

Malowanie ściany na żółto wałkiem

5. Painting and refreshing

Consider refreshing the walls with a new color. Painting is a simple way to change the interior and add a breath of fresh spring air.


Preparing your home for spring is a great way to kick off the new season. With the right renovations and energy efficiency improvements, you can enjoy comfort, savings, and the beauty of your home throughout the spring and summer.

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