Apartment 150 m2, Warsaw

In this spacious apartment, where classical elegance reigns supreme, our experts embarked with determination to create an interior that perfectly reflects the style and needs of a two-generation family. We began by reconfiguring the basic layout of the rooms, crafting spaces that ensure comfort and functionality for all family members.

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Now, let's delve into the implementation details

Portfolio - Realizacja 4 - Łazienka z białym wyposażeniem i drewnianymi panelami na ścianach

A classic atmosphere

For this family, we paid special attention to elements of classical finishing. Attention to detail, elegant wall finishes, and carefully chosen materials were crucial to maintaining the classical atmosphere cherished by our client.

Not only indoors but also outdoors, we found an opportunity to express the character of this place. Working on the large 25-square-meter terrace, we meticulously laid tiles, creating a space that harmoniously complements the interior decor. It is on this terrace, during communal gatherings and family feasts, that memories, conversations, and smiles blend together.

Tradition and modernity

Collaborating with the family was truly inspiring for us. Taking care of every detail and solution, we consulted with them to meet the expectations of both generations. Our goal was to create a space where tradition and modernity come together in harmonious unity.

The result of our work is a 150-square-meter-plus apartment that reflects classical style and refined elegance while also being a unique place for the entire family. Classical finishing, carefully selected materials, and functional spaces create a home that fulfills the expectations and dreams of this exceptional family.

Portfolio - Realizacja 4 - Sypialnia z tapetą z motywem liści egzotycznych z dwuosobowym dużym łóżkiem i złotymi kinkietami

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